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Suzanne says … let’s review Series 11

Doctor and Companions

In a few years time, when we look back at series 11, we will remember that it wasn’t just any other Doctor Who series, but that it had quite a strong sociological impact on the fanbase. This is the reason why I wished to write a different kind of review for Series 11, one that would include…

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The all new TGT podcast!

tgt podcast the gallifrey times doctor who

We’re currently in those wilderness months between the series finale and the Christmas special. Although there’s the odd news about the Christmas special and a constant supply of opinions on the casting of the Thirteenth Doctor from random actors, there’s not a lot going on at the moment. With that in mind, we’ve decided to…

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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls – Final UK Viewing Figures

The consolidated viewing figures for the Series 10 finale, The Doctor Falls, have been released. The episode had 5.30 million viewers after a week of recordings, a rise of 1.55 million on the overnight rating of 3.75 million. That’s a low timeshift, but it puts it up on World Enough and Time, and makes it the strongest…

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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls – Poll Results & Series 10 Number Crunch

For the past week you’ve been voting in our rate the episode poll for The Doctor Falls. We’ve now closed the poll and you can view the results below: Season finales have typically split the audience down the middle, but The Doctor Falls proved to be more crowdpleasing than most as it garnered an extremely positive…

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The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews The Doctor Falls

the doctor falls

Warning: The following reviews contain spoilers for The Doctor Falls. If you have not yet seen the episode, we suggest you stop reading right now. Bill is a Cyberman, there’s two Masters, the Doctor has started regenerating… what more could you ask for in a finale? What did our team make of The Doctor Falls?…

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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls – Appreciation Index Score

Saturday’s season finale of Doctor Who, The Doctor Falls, achieved an Appreciation Index (AI) score of 83. The Appreciation Index is an indication of how much viewers enjoyed the episode, based on the reactions of a selected panel of viewers, who rate the episode shortly after transmission. The score of 83 is considered to be good, and it’s…

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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls – Overnight UK Viewing Figures

The overnight UK viewing figures for last night’s season finale, The Doctor Falls, have been released. The episode had 3.75 million, another rise of about 400k from World Enough and Time, and around 700k off Hell Bent’s overnight figure. It’s an average rating for this season, but the best since The Pyramid at the End of…

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Episode Discussion & Poll – Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls

The Doctor Falls has just finished in the UK, and we invite you now to share your opinions to share your views of the episode in The Gallifrey Times’ Episode Discussion & Poll. You can vote in our poll below and the results will be revealed on Saturday 8th July. What did you think of The Doctor…

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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls – New Teaser Trailer

The following article contains details about The Doctor Falls that some readers may wish to avoid. The BBC has released a new teaser trailer for the final episode of series 10, The Doctor Falls. Like last week’s teaser for World Enough and Time, the new trailer is animated by motion graphics designer Tom Saunders, and…

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Doctor Who: Introduction To The Doctor Falls

The BBC has released two introduction videos for this week’s episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor Falls. The first of these videos sees showrunner Steven Moffat give an overview of what awaits the Doctor in the series finale, teasing ‘it’s never been more deadly than this’: The second video features Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie…

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