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Doctor Who Magazine #513 Out Tomorrow

Doctor Who Magazine has released details about its latest issue, out this week. Issue #513 of the magazine will feature previews of the next four episodes of the currently-airing tenth series of Doctor Who – The Lie of the Land, The Empress of Mars, The Eaters of Light and World Enough and Time. As well…

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Doctor Who: The Empress of Mars Broadcast Time Confirmed

The BBC have confirmed that episode nine of Series 10, The Empress of Mars, will air at the earlier time of Saturday 10th June at 7.15pm on BBC One. The episode will last for 45 minutes, and finishes at 8pm. The Empress of Mars, written by Mark Gatiss, will air on the same day on…

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Covers for Doctor Who Magazine #513 Released: Ice Warriors & Cybermen

Doctor Who Magazine have revealed their new covers for issue #513, and readers will have a choice between a new look Ice Warrior from The Empress of Mars and a Mondasian Cyberman from the two-part finale on the cover. Inside, there are previews of the final episodes of the season – The Lie of the…

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Doctor Who: The Empress Of Mars – Official Synopsis

The following article contains details about The Empress of Mars that some readers may wish to avoid. The BBC has released the official synopsis for The Empress of Mars, the ninth episode of the currently-airing tenth series of Doctor Who. The Empress of Mars is written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Wayne Yip. The Doctor,…

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Doctor Who: More Series 10 Episode Titles Confirmed

Following the confirmation of the title for the opening episode of the upcoming tenth series of Doctor Who, this month’s edition of Doctor Who Magazine (#511) has revealed the titles for the rest of the series, excluding the two-part series finale. The full list of titles and broadcast dates as they currently stand is: 1: The…

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Doctor Who: Series 10 – The Complete Episode Guide

Series 10 of Doctor Who won’t air until 2017, but filming has been underway for a while now for the run of episodes that will mark the introduction of Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill, and filming has been public enough to give us a small glimpse into how the tenth series since the revival in 2005…

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