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The Girl Who Waited – Cult Box Spoiler Free Review

Tom MacRae, writer of the thoroughly enjoyable ‘Rise of the Cybermen’/’Age of Steel’ two-parter from 2006, returns to Doctor Who with a tale of very different robots and parallel worlds. Only this time it’s parallel time streams. The Doctor and the Ponds have landed on the second most beautiful planet in the universe, Apalapucia, but…

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Tom MacRae Teases ‘The Girl Who Waited’

Tom MacRae, writer of Doctor Who Episode 10, ‘The Girl Who Waited’ has given us some more teasers and hints about the episode through Twitter. They can be seen below: “You will see ..the BEST ever use of a 90s dance craze…  …the SWEETEST ever use of a cartoon face…  …and the greatest – and…

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The Girl Who Waited – 15 Teasers

It’s the least noticeable Doctor-lite episode there has ever been And it’s completely standalone Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are on top form throughout and it’s really their episode If only Amy hadn’t pushed that button “******* are cool, see.” Rory is an admirer of fine ‘art’ “This is a kindness, do not be alarmed”…

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The Girl Who Waited – 10 Teasers

» “You want to update Twitter?” » “Time’s gone wobbly.” » “I’m dead in a day.” » “It’s seeing with its fingers.” » “Try our roller coaster zone.” » “Eyes front, soldier.” » “Anything beats a fez, eh?” » “Do not be alarmed, this is a kindness.” » “A bit of Earth, a bit of…

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The Girl Who Waited – 10 Hints

» Let’s hope that the ‘Planet of the Coffee Shops’ makes an appearance in Series 7. » A sonic what? » The TARDIS has a more low-fi version of a certain piece of Torchwood tech. » ‘The Green Anchor and The Red Waterfall’ would make a good name for a sci-fi themed pub. » An…

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