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Could Whittaker’s Doctor be getting fewer, longer episodes?

Series 11 will bring a whole host of changes, with a new Doctor, new show runner and many more new cast and crew. However, according to The Mirror, the episodes themselves could be changing. The Mirror recently reported that Series 11 would have just 10 episodes as opposed to the usual 12/13, but the episodes…

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Moffat And Capaldi Respond To Rumours Of Shorter Series

After The Mirror’s article announcing a shorter series for Series 10, rumours have been spreading about Capaldi’s involvement in the show and plans for less episodes next series. But do not fear, Steven Moffat has confirmed that this is not true. Moffat told confirmed that the series will not be cut short. He explained:…

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Rumour: Jenna Coleman To Leave Doctor Who

Once again, the rumours have begun: will this be Clara’s last series in the TARDIS? According to The Mirror (and now, BBC News is also reporting it), Coleman has already filmed her final scenes and will exit the show during the series finale, before the Christmas special. As with any rumour, take this news with…

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Steven Moffat Denies Quitting Reports

Earlier today, The Mirror newspaper reported that Steven Moffat was struggling with all the work of Doctor Who and was going to hand the job to somebody else. Apparently, Moffat said: “I never find any time to relax, all the stuff that surrounds it can be relentless. “I haven’t got a plan but I am…

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