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The Rebel Flesh – Chart Position

BARB have now released Final Ratings for the week ending 22nd May which makes Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh 13th Most Watched programme for that week. The episode was once again highest non-soap drama of the week, and held the 6th Position in the BBC One Chart. These ratings and chart positions do not include iPlayer views, where…

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The Rebel Flesh – Final Ratings

BARB have revealed that ‘The Rebel Flesh’ achieved a final overall rating of 7.35 million viewers, with a 34.1% share from the total audience within the first 7 Days. This number is larger by 1.65 million viewers to the Overnight Ratings, which are usually inaccurate as viewers record the programme and watch it at a…

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The Rebel Flesh – Overnight Ratings

Although overnight ratings now seem pretty meaningless in the face of the fact that Doctor Who is now officially the most time-shifted show in UK TV history, the hits we get on these overnights articles every Sunday prove that people are still interested. Which may sound suspiciously like a way of preparing you for bad…

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New ‘The Rebel Flesh’ Merchandise

Half Moon Bay have again extended their Doctor Who Range, with now details for Merchandise for ‘The Rebel Flesh’. The range includes mugs, bags and t-shirts. To order these items visit: Thanks to The Doctor Who Site.

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SFX ‘The Rebel Flesh’ Spoiler Free Preview

1 It’s this season’s most trad-Who episode so far, but whereas last year’s “trad” story (the Silurian two-parter) was Pertwee era, this is straight out of the Troughton years. Appropriately Matt Smith is at his most Troughton-esque. 2 It also evokes memories of “The Impossible Planet”. There’s a lot of exposition to start with, but…

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The Rebel Flesh – Ten Teasers

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. » “Heart’s gone now…” » “Amy, breathe.” » “Who wants fish and chips?” » “My tummy’s going funny.” » “Assume the position!” » “We’ve gone all medieval.” » “I’ve seen whole worlds turned inside out in an hour.” » “Don’t fiddle with the money, Doctor.” » “No need to get…

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