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Tom MacRae Talks Past & Future Doctor Who Episodes

Tom MacRae, writer of Series 2 two-parter Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel and Series 6: Part 2 episode The Girl Who Waited, announced last year that he was penning another episode of Doctor Who. However, as we now know all the writers for the second half of Series 7, it’s definitely not going to be…

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Doctor Who Writer, Tom MacRae On Jenna-Louise Coleman

Doctor Who writer, Tom MacRae has said that Jenna-Louise Coleman, who appeared in Asylum Of The Daleks and is set to reappear in the Christmas episode, is fantastic. Speaking to Digital Spy, the writer said: “She just had this amazing energy, she’s actually a couple of years older than Karen [Gillan] but she seems younger…

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Tom MacRae Writing A New Doctor Who Episode

Tom MacRae, who you may know from writing Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel in Series 2 and the Series 6 story, The Girl Who Waited has confirmed that he is writing a new Doctor Who episode. However, it looks like we won’t see his episode in the second half of Series 7. Speaking to…

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Tom MacRae Teases ‘The Girl Who Waited’

Tom MacRae, writer of Doctor Who Episode 10, ‘The Girl Who Waited’ has given us some more teasers and hints about the episode through Twitter. They can be seen below: “You will see ..the BEST ever use of a 90s dance craze…  …the SWEETEST ever use of a cartoon face…  …and the greatest – and…

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