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Doctor Who: Season 23 coming to Blu-Ray

doctor who season 23

Fans of the Sixth Doctor, rejoice! The BBC have revealed that the next season in their blu-ray releases will be the Sixth Doctor’s Season 23. The series, which ran from September to December 1986, aired as a series of connected stories, collectively known as The Trial of a Time Lord. The stories follow Colin Baker’s…

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Big Finish Announce This Year’s Subscriber Only Doctor Who Audio Drama

Big Finish have announced that this year’s exclusive subscriber-only audio drama sees the Sixth Doctor back in court, but now, at the Trial of the Valeyard. Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard reunites Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor with Michael Jayston as the Valeyard and Linda Bellingham as the Inquisitor in a fierce courtroom drama. The trio…

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Strong Doctor Who Presence At Sci-Fi Weekender Event

Doctor Who is now made in southern Wales – in and around Cardiff – but, in a few weeks’ time, the Doctor will also be present at an SF event in northern Wales. Sci-Fi Weekender (formerly the SFX Weekender) takes place on 1-3 March at Hafan y Mor Holiday Park and includes, according to the organisers: ‘Big-name guests, interviews,…

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