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Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time nominated for Hugo Award

Last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, has made the shortlist of this year’s Hugo Awards. Twice Upon a Time, which saw Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerate after four years in the TARDIS, is nominated in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category. The special was written by Steven Moffat and directed by…

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BBC announces Target novelisations of modern Doctor Who episodes

Every Doctor Who fan of a certain age will remember the thrill of reliving one of your favourite adventures in the form of a Target novelisation. When episodes weren’t readily available to rewatch, this was the next best thing. And now fans of post-2005 Who can join in the excitement. We reported a while back that…

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Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time out now on DVD and Blu-ray

The Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special Twice Upon A Time is now available for fans in the UK to own on DVD and Blu-ray. Peter Capaldi’s final Doctor Who adventure sees his Twelfth Doctor team up with the Time Lord’s very first incarnation – played by David Bradley – as well as the return of…

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The Gallifrey Times team reviews Twice Upon A Time

twice upon a time

With a departing Doctor, the original Doctor and a brand new Doctor all on the scene, we knew this year’s Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, was going to be pretty epic, but what did our team think of Capaldi’s final (and Whittaker’s first) episode? Well, now that we’ve had a few days to rewatch…

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Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time – Appreciation Index score

Twice Upon A Time seems to have gone down a storm with fans, with an emotional exit for Capaldi and an explosive entrance for Whittaker. The stats show that the Christmas special had an Audience Appreciation (AI) score of 81. The AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme, compiled online by…

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Suzanne says… that was quite unexpected

If you haven’t watched the Christmas special already, then you might want to skip reading this article and save it for later, when you have watched Twice Upon a Time. Yes, there are spoilers ahead! It’s over. While some people spend December eating the daily chocolate they find in their Advent Calendar, Whovians spend it…

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Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time – Overnight UK Viewing Figures

The overnight UK viewing figures for last night’s Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, have been released. The special had 5.66 million viewers and a share of 27.1% of the overall viewing audience. That’s almost identical to last year’s figure of 5.68 million, and stable from 2015’s rating. Doctor Who was sixth for the day, higher…

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Episode Discussion & Poll – Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time has just finished in the UK, and Jodie Whittaker is now the current Doctor! We invite you now to share your views of the Twelfth Doctor’s final hour in The Gallifrey Times’ Episode Discussion & Poll! You can vote in our poll below and the results will be revealed on New Year’s Day. What did…

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Merry Christmas From The Gallifrey Times!

Christmas is a time for goodwill, a time for joy and friendship. It’s a time where we put aside our worries and focus on the good things. Every four years or so, it’s also the time where your favourite hero dies on teatime television. This year’s Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time, airs tonight, seeing…

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