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Chibnall confirms we will not see River or Weeping Angels

When a new showrunner comes along, fans often wonder whether their favourite characters will be making a comeback. Sadly we never got to see Captain Jack during Moffat’s run, and it seems that some of our favourite characters created by the Moffat won’t be making any more appearances. In an interview with The Times, Chris…

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New Christmas stories for Doctor Who‘s monsters

Every Whovian loves Christmas. Because no matter if you celebrate it or not, there is always a festive special to look forward to each year. Even in 2016, a year when no season of Doctor Who had aired, fans were provided with a Christmas episode. This year, we will get a new short stories collection…

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TGT Podcast Episode 9 – The Angels Have Our Title

tgt podcast the gallifrey times doctor who

It’s Easter! Well, at least it was at the time of recording. So this month, Andrew and Ben are gorging on Easter eggs of both the chocolate and digital variety. Yes, in this month’s podcast, we rewatch the classic Moffat episode, Blink. We’ve also got the latest news, an exclusive song and a preview our…

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Suzanne says… do we want another spin off?

Isn’t it tempting to imagine spin offs from your favourite shows starring your favourite characters? Doctor Who has certainly done that in the past, but not all have been successful. I confess I love spin offs, for various reasons. First, because I can enjoy another part of an universe I enjoy. Second, because said universe…

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Doctor Who: More Monsters Revealed?

WARNING: This article may contain minor spoilers for unbroadcast episodes of Doctor Who’s ninth series. If you don’t want to be spoiled, click away now! Danilo have just released artwork for their 2016 Doctor Who calendar. Part of its description reads, ‘fantastic imagery from the new ninth series’. These images include some familiar foes… SPOILERS…

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Doctor Who: Series 8 Finale Filming in a Familiar Graveyard

This post contains spoilers for the Series 8 finale – click away now if you want to stay unspoiled! Any whovian would remember the heart-breaking scene in which Eleven said his final goodbyes to Amy and Rory in a graveyard in The Angels Take Manhattan. This time, the Doctor is returning to the exact location,…

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Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan On The Weeping Angels

Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who, has has admitted that she is often genuinely frightened by the Weeping Angels, who of course will be appearing in the Series 7 mid-series finale, The Angels Take Manhattan this Saturday. Speaking to The Independent, she said:”Sometimes I genuinely get really, really scared. Do you know the…

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Series 7 Filming: Weeping Angels In Llanelli Cemetery

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. The Doctor Who cast and crew have returned from New York and have arrived back in Wales to continue filming for Episode 5 of Series 7, due to air this Autumn. Your Llanelli reports that Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston are shooting scenes in Box Cemetery, Llanelli,…

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Series 7 Filming: Opener & Episode 5 Spoilers

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS. Yesterday, we reported on a bus being seen on set outside the Pond residence for the Series 7opener.. Today, a new image has emerged showing the bus driver holding a mini-Dalek eyestalk. Rumours are suggesting that it could be a Dalek spying device. To see the image, click HERE. The…

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