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Suzanne says…I wish I lived in the UK!

It’s not easy to be a fan these days. One might argue that internet and social networks made it much easier for fans to indulge in their passion and in a way, they are probably right. But being a fan can be quite frustrating sometimes… Doctor Who has become a global phenomenon, especially in recent…

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Suzanne Says… Once Upon A Fan

Once a Whovian always a Whovian? I’m really tempted to agree with that statement, mostly because being a Whovian requires a lot of time investment (and yes, let’s say it: quite a financial investment as well). Aren’t the fans from the early hour lucky? Not only did they watch Doctor Who when it was originally…

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“Whovian” Added To Oxford English Dictionary

On August 1st the word “Whovian” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary with the following definition: Whovian Pronunciation: /ˈhuːvɪən/  Definition of Whovian  nouninformal  a fan of the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who:  as a fan from way back, Barrowman is well aware of just how passionate Whovians are about everything ‘Who.’ Just in…

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