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Suzanne says… canon or non-canon?

If you are an avid reader of those pieces (Hello, Suman!), you know that I already mentioned how difficult it may be for an aspiring Whovian to jump into that extended universe.  Once all TV serials and the movie have been watched, Big Finish audiobooks seem to be the right place to continue your journey.…

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BBC America Releases New Doctor Who Teaser

BBC America released a teaser for the upcoming series of Doctor Who during the season finale of Orphan Black last night. The teaser contains no new footage or a specific premiere date, but should be enough to whet Whovians’ appetites until the first official trailer lands…right? We can only hope the official trailer will be…

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BBC Launch Doctor Who Fan Show On Youtube

The BBC have launched a new online series on Youtube called Doctor Who: The Fan Show. The show will look at recent Doctor Who news items as well as original material, such as a sketch using Doctor Who action figures. The videos will be presented by Christel Dee, a Youtube presenter who is a regular…

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Doctor Who World Tour: Live Streaming Events

BBC Worldwide has announced that several of the fan events taking place around the globe as part of the Doctor Who World Tour will be streamed live on the official Youtube channel, so fans from all over the world can participate and get involved. Q&A sessions will be held in various cities across the globe ahead of…

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Revisit Doctor Who Confidential on YouTube!

Since Doctor Who Confidential left our screens in autumn 2011, the only way to revisit it has been on DVD – but now, along with their uploadings of clips from Doctor Who‘s return in 2005, the BBC’s official channel is uploading exclusive clips from Confidential. The clips include interesting behind-the-scenes moments from Confidential episodes over…

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